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The benefits of building a 2-story steel-frame house

2-storey steel-framed houses are the trend of modern housing construction today. With advanced technology and latest innovations, scientists have successfully researched the combination of concrete and steel in construction, especially high-rise buildings. The application of modern design brings many benefits in the construction of large and small projects for investors. Let's learn the benefits of building a 2-storey steel-frame house through the article below.
Basic structure of steel frame house
The frame of the house is made of steel frame, the base uses solid steel to withstand the force of the whole house. You should pour reinforced concrete at the corners of the house column, creating stability for the entire frame.
2-storey steel-frame house
Truss column uses box steel or angle steel, which is linked to the column and beam by the bar code bolt. The assembled roof purlins, using cold stamped steel to form C, or Z shape, are branded on the market today.
2-storey steel-frame house
Fast construction time
The design and pre-built structures of columns, trusses, ... help increase construction progress. Thanks to that, the construction of a 2-story or even 3-storey house has become much simpler. In addition, the work also becomes easier to move in all geographical conditions.
Creative freedom design
With 2-storey steel-framed houses, you can easily design and build according to your wishes. To get a house that suits your liking but not too monotonous, very simple, architects will sketch and bring you the most suitable designs, meeting the needs and desires of friend.
Save construction costs
When building a 2-storey prefabricated steel house, you do not need to worry too much about the cost because civil prefabricated houses will help minimize construction costs compared to conventional reinforced cement houses. Although the cost is cheap, the performance that works completely convinces you.
Easy to maintain and to move
Civil constructions with steel-framed houses are easy to maintain. Even if you want to expand your house space, with steel frame, this is done very easily and conveniently.
Building a 2-storey steel-frame house is really convenient, saves both costs and installation time quickly.
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