Matec Vina


The structure of one-storey manufactured housing:
+Has pillar frame, macerate (dầm), vì kèo, purlin by shaped steel, box steel, manufactured completely in the factory, transporting to the place of installation, components jointed together and floor entirely by bolts and bản mã, the entire structure is painted 2 layers of antifouling

+Has 3 layers outside wall EPS sandwich panel, inside wall EPS sandwich panel with thickness: 50mm
+Has 2 layers PU-PP heat proofing roofing
+Ceiling system can be used plastic ceiling or gypsum ceiling

Application of one-storey manufactured housing:

+Using as living house for staff, construction workers

+Using as house for rent, school, hotel, restaurant,…

The outstanding features of one-storey manufactured housing:

+Has high aesthetic, bright color, durable structure up to from 20 to 30 years

+Is capable of heat proofing and sound proofing, convenient, warm in winter, cool in summer
+Installed or removed quickly, can change position or reused many times
+Has light weight steel structural system, safe and reliable, suitable for the standard design requirements of building structures
+Bring high economic efficiency for the purpose of collective apartment building, canteen, offices for officials and workers in factories, construction sites,…, the construction site has long construction time

Some pictures of one-storey manufactured housing: