Matec Vina

MATEC PANEL VINA please send respectful greetings to customer !

+MATEC is a professional company, leading Vietnam in the field of production, supply and construction from insulation light weight materials,…such as EPS CORE, PU CORE, EPS SANDWICH PANEL, PU SANDWICH PANEL, GLASSWOOL SANDWICH PANEL…suitable for making as wall, inside wall panel, ceiling panel, roofing panel, insulation inside wall panel for cold storage…

+ With the highly qualified and skilled staff workers, the modern equipment, MATEC has carried out the design, supply of materials and construction of many projects to build factories, assemble building for large corporations and large workshops.

+In the process of production and business activities, MATEC consistently achieved growth in all aspects of the country’s development. MATEC is capable of human, equipment, production facilities and finance to construction of large scale projects.
+MATEC always takes the motto: Technical qualify, works art, modern technology" is the top standards to serve customers. For each project, MATEC will focus on intellectual and resources to build the obtimal solution, feasibility of construction organization and construction technical measures, fully preparing about labor, materials of construction machinery on schedule for all signed projects. During construction, MATEC always ensures construction as designed, the using materials are to ensure standards and requirements for quality of works.
   With the best quality of objectives as on time and reasonable price, MATEC always wants to be the most reliable supplier for customers

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