Matec Vina
   This day, when the requirements and standards for the practise of clean production is increasingly high, the use of clean production space in many areas become a mandatory requiremant and to be popular particularly in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, electronics, semiconductor, telecommunication,...
Sandwich panel with the outstanding features as: smooth surface, Powder Coated with no catching dust, waterproof, easy to clean, the capable of insulation, heat proofing and sound proofing,...used to make inside wall, ceiling, doors,...for cleanroom system. Panel jointed together by outer leaf and internal leaf, combine with synchronized aluminum accessory will easy for construction and installation later. Cleanroom systems are made from panel not only ensure the technical requirements but also have high aesthetic, bringing high economic efficiency for investors. MATEC is a professional unit in providing sandwich panel, aluminium accessories and complete construction for inside wall, ceiling, doors, Panel for cleanroom systems.