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Roof by glasswool panel used in aesthetics and has many outstanding advantages. Matec Vina is a professional supplier of building materials with direct production, professional team with many years of experience.

Technical specifications roof by glasswool panel

   item specifications
1 roof panel Roof by glasswool panel
2 surface roof Face over 4 industrial waves / flat surface or sink
3  Size Width 1.0mx Any length
Color Gray, Blue / Bottom Yellowish or milky white
5 Thickness 50mm, 75mm hoặc 100mm
mái chống nóng bằng panel bông thủy tinh

Advantages roof by glasswool panel

- Roofing by glass wool is capable of heating, superior sound compared to traditional products;
- Glass roof panel saves up to 70% of the electrically cooled thermal insulation;
- Two-layer glass wool is a sealing layer, thus effectively blocking the penetration of rodents, insects ...;
- Glasswool roofing panels are not fireproof, thus increasing the fire resistance and fire efficiency of the works;
- Roofing by glass wool has a durable structure, high bearing capacity should save the skeleton system, but still ensure the project safety before wind storms and natural disasters.
- Roofing by glass wool surface is made of galvanized steel, so the color bright and durable for 20-30 years without repainting, so it can withstand severe weather, after installation.
- Roofing by glass wool with outer surface with waterproof structure, waterproof, water-free, thus ensuring the quality of work coverage.


- Roof panels made of glass wool do sound insulation, anti-heat for housing, offices, offices in classrooms, restaurants.
- Roof panels made of glass with high fire retardant properties should be used for roofs for electronic, biological, pharmaceutical, medical, textile and supermarkets.

mái chống nóng bằng panel bông thủy tinh

mái chống nóng bằng panel bông thủy tinh

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