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 Inside wall by pu sandwich panel is the perfect combination of corrugated iron. Corrugated sheet is made of high quality corrugated stainless sheet against environmental agent. Along with that, the pu foam core insulation sound good. The product now features extremely high fire retardancy.

The structure of inside wall by PU Sandwich Panel:
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1 Inside wall panel +Panel size: 1,130mm
+Free high
2 Insulation core +PU core’s density: 38-42kg/m3
3 Surface  +Surface is smooth  or has small line
4 Color +Milk-white or ivory
5 Thickness  +50mm, 75mm or 100mm
6 Association +Aluminium association
+Coil association


The outstanding features of inside wall by PU Sandwich Panel

+Is capable of remarkable insulation comparing with traditional product
+Two surfaces are coil layer to reduce the likelihood of catching fire, effective anti-fire spread, preventing the destruction of rodents and insects
+With light weight, it can be replaced completely other inside wall panel, quick construction and assembly
+Panel’s surface of cleanroom has made from Galvanized Coil, Color Powder Coated, bringing bright color, fastness up to from 20 to 30 years without repainting, using immediately after installing
+Has high aesthetic, easy to carve at positions: windows, doors, fixed glass panel
+With the smooth surface, no catching dust, waterproof,… It’s very easy to clean
+Installed or removed quickly, can change position or reused many times, bringing  high economic efficiency

Application of inside wall by PU Sandwich Panel

+Making insulation wall for living building, office, office in workshop, classroom, restaurant…
+Making insulation wall for electronic factory, biological, pharmaceutical clean room, medical, textile, supermarket
+Making insulation wall for cooling storage, cold storage, pharmaceutical or medical preservation storehouses.