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Matec Panel is a leading provider of ultra-lightweight materials with outstanding advantages. Outside wall by glasswool sandwich panel is now widely used in practice. To know more about this product, please visit our product information soon.

The structure of outside wall by Glasswool Sandwich Panel

No Items Specifications
1 Outside wall panel +Used size: 1000mm
+Free hight
2 Insulation core +Glasswool core
3 Surface  +Outside: has deeply grooved to decorate
+Inside: smooth or has small line
4 Color +Outside: bright silver or dark grey
+Inside: milk-white or ivory
5 Thickness +50mm, 75mm or 100mm


The outstanding features of outside wall by Glasswool Sandwich Panel

Is capable of remarkable insulation comparing with traditional product

- Two surfaces are coil layer preventing the destruction of rodents and insects
- With non-flammable glasswool core will increase the capable of non-flammable, effective anti-fire spread to the works
- With lightweight, it can be replaced completely other inside wall panel, quick construction and assembly
- Has durable structre, high bearing capacity will save skeletal system while ensuring the safety of the works before the storm, disaster,…
- Surface has made from Galvanized Coil, Color Powder Coated will bring bright color, fastness up to from 20 to 30 years without repainting.
- Surface with outstanding capacity like anti-spitting water, waterproof will ensure the quality of covering to the works
- Has high aesthetic, easy to carve at positions: windows, doors, fixed glass panel
- With the smooth surface, no catching dust, waterproof…. easy to clean
- Installed or removed quickly, can change position or reused many times, bringing high economic efficieny

Application of outside wall by Glasswool Sandwich Panel

Making outside wall for living building, office, office in workshop, classroom, restaurant,…
- Making outside wall for electronics factory, biological, pharmaceutical clean room, medical, textile, supermarket
- Making outside wall for cooling storage, cold storage, pharmaceutical or medical preservation storehouses.

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