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 Ceiling by glasswool sandwich panel is a building material made of synthetic vitreous fibers, heat-resistant, soundproof and highly elastic. offers quality drop ceilings, the best price on the market.

The structure of ceiling by Glasswool sandwich panel:

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1   Frame system +T bar + cable
2   Ceiling panel +Glasswool Sandwich panel
3   Surface of ceiling +Smooth or has small line
4   Ceiling’s chart +1000mm x 2000mm
+1000mm x 3000mm
5   Color +Milk-white or ivory
6   Thickness +50mm, 75mm or 100mm


The outstanding features of ceiling by Glasswool sandwich panel

- Is capable of remarkable insulation comparing with traditional product.
- With non-flammable glasswool core layer will increase the capable of non-flammable, effective anti-fire spread, safety for fire prevention
-With high bearing capacity will easy to move above, install and maintain the air conditioner and ventilator systems.
-Surface is Galvanized Coil, Color Powder Coated, has high aesthetic, bright color and fastness up to 20-30 years without repainting,…
-With the smooth surface, no catching dust, waterproof.
-Is able to reuse many times, move and change performance.

Application of ceiling by Glasswool sandwich panel

- Making insulation wall for living building, office, office in workshop, classroom, restaurant,…
- Making insulation wall for electronics factory, biological, pharmaceutical clean room, medical, textile, supermarket
- Making insulation wall for cooling storage, cold storage, pharmaceutical medical preservation storehouses.

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