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Matec Vina specializes in manufacturing, supplying and installing high quality ceiling panel eps. Specialized for factories, offices, hospitals, schools with high aesthetics, low prices on the market. We provide bulk products, ensure the right schedule of construction techniques.

The structure of ceiling by EPS sandwich panel

No Items Specification
1 Frame system +T bar + cable
2 Ceiling panel +Conventional or non-flammable EPS sandwich Panel
3 Surface +Smooth or has small line
4 Chart +1000mm x 2000mm
+1000mm x 3000mm
5 Color +Milk-white or ivory
6 Thickness +50mm, 75mm or 100mm

The outstanding of ceiling by EPS Panel

+ Is capable of remarkable insulation comparing with traditional product
+ Save up from 50% to 70% electrical power thank to insulating capacity
+Two surfaces are coil layer to reduce the likelihood of catching fire, effective anti-fire spread.
+ With high bearing capacity will easy to move above, installing and maintaining the air conditioner and ventilator systems.
+ Surface is Galvanized Coil, Color Powder Coated, has high aesthetic, bright color and fastness up to 20-30 years without repainting,….
+ With the smooth surface, no catching dust.
+ Is able to reuse many times, moving or changing performance,…

Application of ceiling by EPS sandwich Panel

- Making ceiling for living building, office, office in workshop, classroom, restaurant,…
- Making ceiling for electronics factory, biological, pharmaceutical clean room, medical, textile, supermarket
- Making ceiling for cooling storage, cold storage, pharmaceutical or medical preservation storehouses.


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