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  Cooling storage, cold storage assembled from insulation panel is an optimal solution for investor for building  cooling storage, cold storage to preserve different goods. The outstanding features of quick assembly, insulation, heat proofing, easy to install and uninstall,...Cooling storage and cold storage are increasingly popular and widely used.


- Surface materials: stainless steel or galvanized sheet, insulated foam core such as EPS, PU ...
- Light weight, foam density is 95%.
- Standard thicknesses are 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200mm.
- Convenient and quick method of construction.
- The panels create shells of cold storage, frozen storage is assembled by the camlock lock should be tight, tight and very fast.
- Reducing heat resistance when opening store is one of the advantages. Low temperature cold storage containers should be stored frozen.

- Heat resistant, sound insulation is good insulation.
- Easy to apply.
- High durability, beautiful aesthetic, safe environmentally friendly.
- Save time for construction, put the project into early use.
- Safe use of frozen products, good preservation.
- Does not contain greenhouse gases

- Clean house, supermarket, when cold requires cold temperature.
- Hospitals, schools, high buildings,
- Broadcasting station
- The frozen storage of food.