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Ceiling Panel is insulation, heat proofing, sound proofing ceiling currently, structured from T frame and panel. T aluminium bar is hung om roof purlins or concrete ceiling by cable or long bolt, regulated by turnbuckle. Two head of ceiling panel are hung on two flanks of T bar, the rest of two flanks jointed to another one by outer leaf and internal leaf. Ceiling panel are made of thick panel with two sides are Galvanized Coil, Powder Coated and the middle layer is insulation lightweihgt one. With above remarkable features will bring not only high aesthetics but also high efficiency in insulation, heat proofing and sound proofing. 


- Ceiling panel is soundproof, waterproof, very good light weight
- Light materials, quick construction, clean products, no dust.
- High durability up to several dozen years, easy to remove.
- High aesthetics for beautiful ceiling space.
- Can be used many times to bring high economic efficiency.
- The best price on the market.

Ceiling Panel is commonly used in civil works, factory building, hospital construction, school, karaoke room ....